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TD Architects is a dynamic architectural firm renowned for its innovative designs. sustainable practices, and commitment to excellence, Founded in 2012 by Architect
Topubratta Dutta
, a graduate of Guwahati College of Architecture, university, TO Architects, is recognized as one of the best architects in Guwahati,
delivering exceptional projects throughout Assam and India.

Starting with just two employees, the firm quickly gained recognition for its unique approach to architecture and dedication to client satisfaction. Architect Dutta
leads the team with a strong foundation in principles and a for pushing the boundaries Of design, Creating that reflect the of their clients' visions while prioritizing sustainability and functionality.

The firm's portfolio includes delivering the best house design in Assam and innovative commercial and residential projects that exemplify their commitment to
impactful, architecture. By combining expertise in residential design buildings and architecture design in Assam, TD Architects offers clients comprehensive architectural services with a focus on excellence.

Featured Projects Ot TD Architects- The Best Architect in Guwahati

Swahid Smarak Kshetra

The Swahid Smarak Kshetra located in Boragaon, Guwahati, Assam, was designed by the best architect in Guwahati to commemorate the 855 martyrs of Assam with a monumental 55-meter tall statue and an underground roll of honor. It features a library cum archive auditorium sculpture garden. and more. providing a platform for cultural enrichment and remembrance, The design known for its approach as the best house design in India, incorporates traditional Assamese architecture and green building practices ensuring sustainability and cultural authenticity. With facilities like cycling tracks, water sports, and laser light shows, it aims to engage visitors in a memorable and educational experience,
Featured Project

Sepoy Mutiny War Memorial

The Sepoy Mutiny War Memorial Complex designed by TD Architects, who are known as the best architect in Guwahati, transcends a monument by offering a multifaceted space for education and remembrance. Museum galleries unveil the mutiny's story, statues, and the Shahid Bedi honor heroes, while the complex's design. recognized for its approach as the best architecture design in Assam. fosters reflection on the human cost and the pursuit of peace. It strengthens national identity by commemorating a pivotal moment in India's struggle for freedom,

Ongoing Projects

Check back regularly for updates from TD Architects, the best architect in Guwahati. As the leading architect firm in Guwahati, we document the progress of our ongoing projects and share insights into our design philosophy, methodologies, and inspirations. Join us on this architectural journey as one of the top architects in Guwahati as we transform visions into reality and shape the world around us,t one project at a time.

Why TD Architects - Best Architect In Guwahati

When you choose TD Architects, you are selecting the best architects in Guwahati for your wide range of architectural needs. As a top architecture firm in Guwahati. we bring extensive experience and innovation to every project Whether you're looking for an academic architect in Guwahati to design educational institutions or a public architect in Guwahati community spaces, we ensure high-quality and sustainable designs that meet your goals.

Additionally, your commercial architect in Guwahati brings a modern touch to businesses, offering functional designs that enhance workflow and productivity. Your healthcare architect in Guwahati focuses on creating safe, efficient, and welcoming environments for medical facilities, from hospitals and clinics to specialized care centers. We integrate thoughtful design principles and the latest to support optimal care and comfort for patients and staff. Our sports architect in Guwahati specializes in creating dynamic and inspiring sports facilities, while our team excels in monumental projects that leave a lasting impression on the landscape.

With TD Architects, you can be confident that every aspect of your project is handled with the utmost care and professionalism. Our diverse expertise across different sectors ensures that we can provide comprehensive architectural services tailored to your specific needs and aspirations. Let us help you bring your vision to life with innovative designs and exceptional service.
Experience innovative designs with the best architect in Guwahati at TD Architects.
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